Overall Structure for the Week

This page helps you plan your week and provide guidance for your travel arrangements.

Monday 3 November - Pre-conf stuff

  • You'll want to arrive on this day, and get settled.
  • Conference bump-in, volunteer briefing.
  • Evening: Pre conf Event: Jaap Van Till (OSDC keynote speaker) - Beyond the Richard Florida approach @ Wotso CoWorking space, Varsity Lakes. For this event, RSVP via Meetup.

Tuesday 4 November - Thursday 6 November

  • Main conference, see full schedule below.

Friday 7 November - Workshops

  • Workshop day! See below for the schedule. Note that some workshops attract an additional fee for things like electronics hardware - but it's all pretty low cost ($50 range).


If your family is able to hop along for the weekend (from Friday afternoon/evening?), you can have an awesome weekend exploring the coast. That's pretty relaxing.

Registration Desk

The rego desk and related stuff is in G11 on Level 4, but if you're running late, do come to the daily keynote first in G03. See also the campus map (PDF).


The days start and end in the G03 lecture theatre. Other sessions and BoFs are in G11 rooms 3.64, 4.29, 3.62 (see campus map).

StartEndTuesdaySession 1 (G11_4.29)Session 2 (G11_3.64)Workshop (G11_3.62)
08:3008:45Opening by Arjen/Steve   
08:4509:30Linux-based monitoring and control in a sustainable house
Richard Keech
09:3010:00morning tea   
10:0010:30 Asynchronous PHP: No Longer a Hack Job
Ben Dechrai
GovHask - Haskell, open data and rapid app development
Fraser Tweedale
Introduction to Web Security
Hugh Davenport
10:3011:00 Transition to Multi-Lingual Programming
Nick Coghlan
Contractor or Employee?
Arjen Lentz
11:0011:30 We are Go! Go! Go!
Craig Aspinall
Bigger, Faster, Safer, Easier databases with MariaDB 10
Peter Lock
11:3012:00 Forking and threading, multi-threading options in Perl
Jacinta Richardson
Postgres & JSON: NoSQL in SQL?
Nick Moore
13:0013:30 Before All Else, Be Graphed
Katie McLaughlin
How we built Crowdsites using Model-Driven Engineering
Eban Escott
Hands on Docker Tutorial / Hackfest
Sven Dowedeit
13:3014:00 Open Source and Data Centres: The next Internet of Things Frontier
Keith Miller
Jail Root - Bare metal install!
Nigel Rausch
14:0014:30 BeagleBone Black, Arduino, and robotics from a software perspective
Ben Martin
Embrace the impact: minimizing your (insecure) online footprint
Peter Mosmans
15:0015:30afternoon tea   
15:3016:15System Check:  Putting Stress into Perspective
Neville Starick
16:1517:15Traditional OSDC Lightning Talks!   
17:1517:30daily closing → notes for BoF sessions   
17:3018:00Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) AGM   
18:0019:00 BoF: BlueHackers (Arjen/Neville)Bof: Building Web APIs (Nick Moore)CryptoParty w/ keysigning
(Fraser Tweedale)
19:0020:00 BoF sessionBoF session
StartEndWednesdaySession 1Session 2Workshop
08:3008:45Daily opening   
08:4509:30New Network Effects that drive Open Interconnection and Cooperation
Jaap van Till
09:3010:00morning tea   
10:0010:30 PHP 7, what's coming
Pierre Joye
Python Packaging: Today and Tomorrow
Nick Coghlan
10:3011:00 On the Importance of Upstreaming
Robin Sheat
11:0011:30 Making education run like open source
William Billingsley
Agile in Wonderland: Open Source in the Enterprise World
Nick Moore
11:3012:00 At the intersection
Maia Sauren
Open Source with Opengear
Ken Wilson
12:0013:00lunch w/ 12:00-12:20 OSDClub AGM   
13:0013:30 Libre ARM toolchains laid bare
Steve Dalton
Coding for Scale – When One Database Doesn't Cut it
Daniel Black
13:3014:00 (What you need to know when) Developing Software for Debian
Alexander Zangerl
14:0014:30 - A vain attempt to rescue Australian democracy with a few hundred lines of JavaScript
Paul Foxworthy
Building Smarter Web Applications with Text Mining
Bashar Al-Fallouji

NMIS tutorial how to get some fault and performance management
Keith Sinclair

15:0015:30afternoon tea   
15:3016:153D Printing An Open Society
Vik Olliver
16:1517:15OtherSkills Lightning Talks!   
17:1517:30daily closing → notes for dinner   
18:3022:00OSDC Dinner @ …   
StartEndThursdaySession 1Session 2Workshop
08:3008:45Daily opening   
08:4509:30Code for America
Lynn Fine
09:3010:00morning tea   
10:0010:30 Building a 300+ seat inflight entertainment system controller in twisted
David Petar Novakovic
Cloud Craft for Spatial Cadets: OpenShift PaaS
Katie Miller
NodeJS & JavaScript – Core Concepts Workshop
Tim Oxley
10:3011:00 3D Printers and Printing: lots of magic you didn't yet know, in less than 30 minutes
Vik Olliver
Running your own business - a reprise
Jacinta Richardson
11:0011:30 Functional Groovy
Paul King
Disentangle a new fangled image mangler
Katie McLaughlin
11:3012:00 The State of Full Disk Encryption
Hugh Davenport
13:0013:30 MySQL Scale Wars – A New Hope & Replication Strikes Back
Peter Lock
The Care and Feeding of Project Communities
Mark Unwin
OpenShift tutorial
Katie Miller

Working with Databases and Groovy
Paul King

Big Corp and OpenSource, my Microsoft experience
Pierre Joye

FreeIPA: Open Source identity management
Fraser Tweedale

What Went Wrong at the NSA
Jaap van Till
14:3015:00 Apigility: Stop Creating APIs The Hard Way
Ben Dechrai
I don't see dead people, I see graphs!
Craig Aspinall
15:0015:30afternoon tea   
15:3016:30Traditional OSDC Lightning Talks!   
16:3017:15State of Quantum Computing, and Related Open Source Projects
Dr Tom Stace
17:1517:30Main conf close – next year in … & → notes for Friday workshops   
17:30 You can go your own way... don't go away...   
StartEndFridayWorkshop 1 (G11_4.29)Workshop 2 (G11_3.64)Workshop 3 (G11_3.62)


Code for Australia/America Workshop
Lynn Fine (Code for America)
Alvaro Maz (Code for Australia)


Wireless Arduino
Rod Christian & Steve Dalton (

Amazon AWS for Startups
Ian Gardiner (Amazon - 2 hours)

Twitter Data Ingestion and analytics in  Real Time Analytics using SpringXD
Tom Humphries (EMC - 1 hour)



Open: Anything that did not fit in anywhere else. Informal barcamp style (...more).

David Tangye (GC TechSpace)

Paypal/Braintree Internet of Things (GeekOut) Workshop
Steven Cooper (Paypal - 2 hours)

Networking Skills Workshop
Jaap Van Till
(1 hour)


The OSDC 2014 team is dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming conference environment for everyone. We have a code of conduct to clearly outline our expectations. Our goal is to create a safe and harassment-free conference experience for all involved, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language or text editor.