"On the internet, fraudulent and abusive behavior is considered especially heinous.

Debian aims to provide "the Universal Operating System" and has
evolved into a nice free and open ecosystem that is well-stocked with

You put the design in the computer, send it to the printer and out pops the part, right?

All these test/spec naming conventions out there:-
* unit/models
* functional/controller
* integration/requests

Getting Open Source into the enterprise is often more of a cultural challenge than a technical one.

APIs are hard. You need to deal with versioning, validation, authentication, authorisation, content negotiation, HTTP method negotiation, error reporting, and more.

What is this heresy? PHP as an event-based programming language?

What happens when government and science meet open source?

“Graphs are like tiny dollops of science you can hold in your hand”
- First Dog on the Moon

As a software guy who plays with hardware just for fun, I hope a talk about some of the things I've learnt along the way will be interesting to other software folks who are looking to get into

When working with system metrics, you want to be able to compare different sets of time-series data in order to find patterns and correlations.

Microsoft has been working with OpenSource communities for quite some time now.

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, forked from the source code after Oracle bought MySQL.

The rise of HTML5 and mobile clients has led to web development shifting from HTML templates and HTTP page loads to subtler ways of interacting such as AJAX and WebSockets.

Twisted is often seen as a behemoth of a networking library, in some ways it is.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a technology designed to make DevOps easier and allow developers to focus on application development.

Text mining (aka Text Analytics) technology has been present in the market for the past decade. However, very few applications integrate and leverage it.

All over the web people are doing amazing things with spatial; this session will give you the necessary know-how to get started with your own cloud-based mapping app project.

Code for America and Code for Australia are holding a workshop to explore how government, residents, and the private sector can effectively work together to create stronger, more resilient communities

So you code away, have a nice project, people start using it, and then quite rapidly the database can't keep up.

Are those contractors you work with really contractors, or would the Australian Tax Office actually regard them as employees?

This is a great opportunity to follow up Andrew Roffey's privacy talk at our October meetup by getting your hands dirty with software that protects your privacy and communications.

For developers who live outside a command line interface, desktop backgrounds are one way that they can make their workspace more homely.

Thanks to the Snowden leaks a lot of people are now more familiar with things like ubiquitus surveillance, Five Eyes, the NSA and 1984.

Imagine you have the following problem. You have a list of IP addresses that you want to resolve to host names.

Identity management and authorisation are complex problems, and many
disjoint technologies have emerged as a result - but software should

Groovy doesn't claim to be a fully-fledged functional programming language but it does provide the Java or Groovy developer with a whole toolbox of features for doing functional style programs

Learn what happened when three functional programming aficionadi
took on the GovHack open data competition armed with a Haskell compiler,

A hands on tutorial starting with the `Introduction to Docker` training course, to make sure everyone has the basics.

Crowdsites ( is an online website builder. A website builder allows website owners to manage their websites through a browser.

Unlike poor Cole Sear in the film Sixth Sense, I don't see dead people everywhere, I see graphs everywhere! Whenever I think about a problem, it turns into a graph inside my head.

Inkscape is fun, powerful, free and open source software for creating scalable vector graphics. Its native file format, Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is a W3C open standard.

This tutorial will give attendees an introduction to Web Security.

Cloud, cloud, cloud! Thats what everyone say to use now, what id you want to deploy locally?

After exclusively using libre and open source development tools for many years Steve's switch back into Embedded Systems has been relatively easy - yes the Arduino IDE is pretty bad once you get pa

Smart sustainable homes need to be able to manage and monitor their energy use. This talk looks at a low-cost Linux-based implementation of a home instrumentation and control system that:

What does it mean for a university course to run like open source? Not just to be open to students, but open to contribution?

Details to follow

NMIS is an Open Source fault and performance management system, released in 1999 which manages network devices, servers and just about anything with an IP address.   

In four short years Node.js has grown into a powerful enterprise-ready platform for building highly concurrent networked services powering the services of global companies like PayPal, e

Many people and companies use Open Source and Free Software as part of whatever it is they do. However, many don't bother to send their changes upstream.

Data Centres are one of the last remaining holdouts of proprietary and vendor lock-in software.

Opengear builds products which derive a lot of their functionality from Open Source software projects.

This tutorial will walk participants through the process of creating their own hosted mapping application using open source code, open data, and the open source OpenShift Platform as Service.

In this session we will look at various IoT hardware from Arduino to Rasberry Pi and ways that they can be used to integrate into the payments space to create new ways for business, users and devel

PHP 7 is on track. Release planing is being heavily discussed, dozen of patches have reached the branch, promising RFCs are being worked on.

A look at the Postgres 9.3 JSON data type and how it can give you the flexibility of a NoSQL document store

Since PyCon US 2013, the Python Packaging Authority, the PSF infrastructure team, the CPython core development team and others have been hard at work providing a more streamlined packaging experien

After running my own micro-business for ten years, in late 2013 I re-entered the full time work market.

So you have some code or a good idea for a project. You get some hosting, throw up a page, make the code available and people start downloading.

Full Disk Encryption is a useful tool in many settings for those that wish to protect their privacy from the prying eyes that seek to go against their wishes.

"In the beginning, there was the telegraph..."

Computing should be for everyone. "UTF-8 is all you need" doesn't do.


You can help "un-open" the conference here.

Find out why we chose to bet the farm on the Go programming language for our travel intelligence and discovery startup with the same enthusiasm as the legendary F1 commentator, Murray Walker.

Our resident Baron, Prof. Jaap van Till, clarifies.

This talk provides a quick introduction to accessing databases with Groovy.

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