FreeIPA: Open Source identity management

  • 30 minute talk

Identity management and authorisation are complex problems, and many
disjoint technologies have emerged as a result - but software should
be making life easier for users and administrators. When it comes
to GNU+Linux in the enterprise, what is our answer to Active

FreeIPA is an integrated identity management solution providing
centralised user, host and service management, authentication and
authorisation in Linux/UNIX networked environments, with a focus on
ease of deployment and management. It is built on top of well-known
Open Source technologies and standards including 389 Directory
Server, MIT Kerberos and Dogtag Certificate System.

This talk will cover the basics of FreeIPA - the main features it
provides (and why those features matter), the deployment process,
how to enrol clients in the domain, and interoperability with Active
Directory and other technologies - and will conclude with a look
ahead to what's on the roadmap.

Project URL:

Target audience: Linux/UNIX system administrators and developers; people interested
in networking and security.


Fraser is a developer at Red Hat, where he works on the FreeIPA
identity management solution and Dogtag PKI. He is passionate about
security and privacy. In his spare time, Fraser writes a lot of
Haskell and patiently awaits the strongly-typed functional
programming revolution.

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