GovHask - Haskell, open data and rapid app development

  • 30 minute talk

Learn what happened when three functional programming aficionadi
took on the GovHack open data competition armed with a Haskell compiler,
a handful of libraries and whole lot of hubris.

GovHack is an annual open data event in Australia. A coordinated
release of federal, state and local government data is celebrated
with a weekend-long hackfest, with prizes awarded for the most
interesting and useful apps, mashups or remixes.

Three hackers (including the presenter) who are passionate about
Haskell - a strongly typed, purely functional programming language -
decided to put their skills to the test and entered GovHack 2014 to
see what they could build in a weekend using Haskell.

This presentation will:

- Introduce the team and explain why we are passionate about
Haskell, types and functional programming.

- Demonstrate the thing we built during GovHack.

- Provide some high-level implementation details of the submission
(no prior Haskell or functional programming knowledge required).

- Discuss how we benefited from using Haskell in this competition,
as well as the pain points.

- Encourage people to try Haskell, and exhort them to support open
data initiatives.

This presentation will not:

- Attempt to explain monads.


Fraser is a developer at Red Hat, where he works on the FreeIPA
identity management solution and Dogtag PKI. He is passionate about
security and privacy. In his spare time, Fraser writes a lot of
Haskell and patiently awaits the strongly-typed functional
programming revolution.

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