I don't see dead people, I see graphs!

  • 30 minute talk

Unlike poor Cole Sear in the film Sixth Sense, I don't see dead people everywhere, I see graphs everywhere! Whenever I think about a problem, it turns into a graph inside my head. I have struggled with this affliction for years until I finally got the opportunity to build a system where the primary datastore is a graph database.

Learn a bit about what graph databases are and how they can be used. Learn how we use one of the most popular graph databases, Neo4j, in our travel intelligence and discovery system to achieve some remarkable results. Finally learn how easy (or otherwise) it is to deploy and maintain graph databases in production.


Craig is a 17 year veteran of the software industry, working in industries as diverse as telecoms, security, multimedia and finance, with companies ranging in size from startups to 120,000 employee industry leaders. Now he spends his time helping kids learn to code and building and advising tech startups.

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