We are Go! Go! Go!

  • 30 minute talk

Find out why we chose to bet the farm on the Go programming language for our travel intelligence and discovery startup with the same enthusiasm as the legendary F1 commentator, Murray Walker. More importantly, find out if we were right!

Is it really the hyper-productive development environment that Google claims it to be? Does it enable you to build performant, scalable systems? What lessons have we learned? If we were to do it all over again, would we still choose Go?

We'll answer all these questions and share all our learnings in this real world experience report.
If you're growing tired of Java/Ruby/Python, don't miss this session!


Craig is a 17 year veteran of the software industry, working in industries as diverse as telecoms, security, multimedia and finance, with companies ranging in size from startups to 120,000 employee industry leaders. Now he spends his time helping kids learn to code and building and advising tech startups.

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