OpenShift Tutorial

  • 2 hour tutorial or workshop

This tutorial will walk participants through the process of creating their own hosted mapping application using open source code, open data, and the open source OpenShift Platform as Service. The application will be a version of the demo app shown in the Cloud Craft for Spatial Cadets presentation, but it is not a requirement to have attended the talk. PHP and Python versions of the template app will be available; participants wishing to create an app in another language are welcome to do so, but will need to adapt the application code.




Katie Miller, also known as codemiller, is a polyglot programmer with a penchant for functional programming.

The former newspaper journalist works as an OpenShift Developer Advocate at Red Hat and co-authored the O'Reilly book Getting Started with OpenShift.

Katie is a founding member of the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming and serves as one of the organisers of the Brisbane Functional Programming Group.

The Gold Coast local has presented at conferences across Australasia, as well as in Europe and the United States.

Katie is passionate about coding, open source, software quality, languages of all kinds, and encouraging more girls and women to pursue careers in technology.

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