3D Printers and Printing: lots of magic you didn't yet know, in less than 30 minutes

  • 30 minute talk

You put the design in the computer, send it to the printer and out pops the part, right?

Well, so much for the theory. In this talk we'll see how 3D printing grew up, shapes up, builds up, and stuffs up in the real world. We'll look at what they do right, what they do wrong, and what they do when you're not looking.

No 3D printers were harmed in the creation of this presentation, but a few were left feeling pretty silly.


Possibly more eccentric than Dr Bunsen from the Muppet Show on a wobbly axle, Vik was a member of the original RepRap team - the awesome global band of explorers gathered virtually by Adryan Bowyer to work out an Open Source and cheap design for 3D printers - making them afordable tools for the enthusiast.

The RepRap and its offspring were guaranteed to change society in so many other ways, and Vik will share some of the planned and unplanned social outcomes of the 3D printing phenomenon at OSDC.

As for funky ideas, Vik also first came up with the idea of using PLA (poly-lactic acid) for 3D printing, designed life support systems, printed with carbon fibre, created an implantable heart monitor, launched a satellite, and teaches 3D printing skillz to the kiddies. Any moment now he'll have another idea...

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