• 2 hour tutorial or workshop


You can help "un-open" the conference here.

This session is for anything you like that did not fit in anywhere else. It will be run as a Barcamp, generally following its rules (except rule 6). Delegates' suggestions can be added before or during the conference, right up until during the session. Please email me with your ideas: DavidTangye[at]gctechspace[dot]org, or catch me during the conference.

Current items:

  • Un-MakerSpace (Concurrent activity at the back of the room): Help pull apart some printers, old phones and old PCs etc, identify and reclaim (make off with :-)¬†) parts that are useful for creating electronics, eg GCDuino/arduino powered micro-doohickeys.
  • 3D printing¬†(Concurrent activity at the back of the room): A TechSpace reprap will be running. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi, so you should be able to ssh into it and print your .gcode object. Slic3r printer.ini values will be available, so you can slice beforehand or at the time on your own computer. PLA will be loaded (Might need a contribution to cover the cost of material.)
  • (Your informal talks/raves/sessions go here ...)


Manager, Gold Coast TechSpace.

Linux user since 1997-ish. Cloud user (who isn't), minimal localhost (on ODroid U2, U3 & Pi's): bash, MC, chromium, geany, arduino ide, inkscape, gimp, trying to get time to learn python, web2py

Ex corporate systems development, DBA, db designer, project mgr, yachtsman, real-estate agent, supermarket manager, fruit-shop owner, zoo-train driver, job-title designer, etc, etc blah blah blah.

The OSDC 2014 team is dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming conference environment for everyone. We have a code of conduct to clearly outline our expectations. Our goal is to create a safe and harassment-free conference experience for all involved, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language or text editor.