Wireless Arduino.

  • 2 hour tutorial or workshop

Have you ever wanted to monitor or automate something?

In this workshop we’ll be developing wireless, Arduino based, network nodes. We’ll be using a pair of GCDuiNODEs with the ever popular nRF24L01’s 2.4Ghz radio modules to control LEDs and monitor sensors.

The workshop will cover basic electronics, radio selection, sensors types and a discussion on low power. It’s suitable for anybody, no prior knowledge of electronics or Arduino is required.

The workshop costs $50 and includes 2 GCDuiNODEs, Programmers and radio modules. There will be other sensors and parts available to experiment with on the day.

The GCDuiNODE is based on the Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller.  It’s designed to enable low cost, low power wireless communication networks. It’s perfect for home automation/monitoring, sensor networks and Internet of Things applications. It has pin breakouts that allow you to easily connect a choice of popular radio modules and a bluetooth module.

For more information on GCDuiNODEs, please visit gcduino.com.

Wireless Arduino Workshop at OSDCBuy Tickets

This workshop is run by Rod Christian and Steve Dalton of secluded.io, so we can manufacture the right amount of hardware, please use the booking link above to book this workshop.


Cofounder at secluded.io and currently working as an EE for Refactor.

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