NodeJS & JavaScript – Core Concepts Workshop

  • 2 hour tutorial or workshop

In four short years Node.js has grown into a powerful enterprise-ready platform for building highly concurrent networked services powering the services of global companies like PayPal, eBay, Yahoo!, Uber, Dow Jones and LinkedIn. 

The Node environment enables JavaScript to run on the server, bringing a unifying and native language for both frontend and backend services. The same logic can be distributed to clients or centralised on servers — developers have the freedom to chose where their code executes. This flexibility is of growing importance as the demands of clientside applications have grown exponentially as the browser platform grows more powerful features.

In this workshop we will be covering node fundamentals and core concepts to give you a taste of what coding in node is all about. JavaScript and Node considerably differ from other popular technologies in both form and practice and this workshop will guide you smoothly around common roadblocks and pitfalls and which befall even the most seasoned programmers.  This workshop is very broad and ideal for programmers who have intermediate to zero experience with Node, but some knowledge of JavaScript. Requirements: Bring a computing device with node installed and a text editor. Most of the session is hands-on, expect to be coding.


Ex enterprise Flash/Flex developer, turned to JavaScript and Node.js. Working for nodesource.

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