Big Corp and OpenSource, my Microsoft experience

  • 30 minute talk

Microsoft has been working with OpenSource communities for quite some time now. The teams I work with have been busy providing patches to the linux kernel, php, mongodb and numerous other projects. Most of these work have been done quietly, not much marketing around it.

Without entering the debate about the actual reasons behind this move, I will try to tell my story about working with Microsoft on OpenSource projects, which pitfalls, get over doubts internally or externally, which steps we take and how we try to work.


Pierre Joye is a PHP Core Developer and OSS contributor since more than a decade. He leads the PHP Windows support, main developer from LibGD and works on many OSS projects (from PHP, to curl via libgd or couchbase). After many years as Freelancer, Pierre works now with the Microsoft OpenSource technology Center in Redmond, Europe and APAC.

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