Asynchronous PHP: No Longer a Hack Job

  • 30 minute talk

What is this heresy? PHP as an event-based programming language?

Actually, anychronous PHP has been possible for a while. Sort of. By using shell_exec where available, forcefully detaching the client from the PHP process, managing socket connections or even through cURL, developers have found a number of ways to make PHP asynchronous. There's a reason this never really became mainstream.

Now, there is a better way, folks, and if you'll step this way, I'll take you down the ReactPHP rabbit hole and back again in less time that it takes to make 3.6 billion requests!

ReactPHP is event-driven, non-blocking I/O with PHP, and Ben intends to spruik its wares, and throw in a few live demos to boot.


Ben Dechrai is a technologist, teacher, life-long-student, presenter and hard-core privacy nut, but most of all, he is a passionate supporter of gigantic ideas, minds and goals.

An experienced PHP developer, Ben has used, taught and shared experience of the language since 1999, including aspects to security and best practice required to allow PHP to become an engineer’s tool, rather than the scripting language that has earned a poor reputation.

In addition to co-authoring a book on PHP, Ben has presented at conferences around the world, to developers, management and government departments. While his presentations generally revolve around software engineering and community development, he has also presented on video streaming technologies, storage systems, systems administration, and legal aspects to software and open source, to name a few.

Ben is or has been an active member of the Open Source Developers’ Club, Linux Users Victoria, Melbourne PHP Users Group and BarCampMelbourne.

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