Apigility: Stop Creating APIs The Hard Way

  • 30 minute talk

APIs are hard. You need to deal with versioning, validation, authentication, authorisation, content negotiation, HTTP method negotiation, error reporting, and more.

Using an API builder can make your life significantly easier, and while there are a number of them available, the most popular are commercial.

Apigility is a new, open source API builder. It's gained recent popularity since hitting version 1.0, but don't let its low version number put you off; created by ZEND, the company behind the current PHP engine and popular application framework of the same name, it has a strong backing.

In this presentation, Ben will introduce you to the features of Apigility, and take you through a demo showing how easy it is to get started.


Ben Dechrai is a technologist, teacher, life-long-student, presenter and hard-core privacy nut, but most of all, he is a passionate supporter of gigantic ideas, minds and goals.

An experienced PHP developer, Ben has used, taught and shared experience of the language since 1999, including aspects to security and best practice required to allow PHP to become an engineer’s tool, rather than the scripting language that has earned a poor reputation.

In addition to co-authoring a book on PHP, Ben has presented at conferences around the world, to developers, management and government departments. While his presentations generally revolve around software engineering and community development, he has also presented on video streaming technologies, storage systems, systems administration, and legal aspects to software and open source, to name a few.

Ben is or has been an active member of the Open Source Developers’ Club, Linux Users Victoria, Melbourne PHP Users Group and BarCampMelbourne.

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