Building a 300+ seat inflight entertainment system controller in twisted

  • 30 minute talk

Twisted is often seen as a behemoth of a networking library, in some ways it is. Despite some new libraries appearing to make life easier, the reason it is large is because it exposes many layers of the full networking stack in a relatively easy to use API.

This talk is about how we used twisted as the core of an inflight entertainment system controller system used to coordinate IFE systems of over 300 seats.This includes protocols like multicast, http, udev, serial ports and dbus all running in a single python process.

We'll discuss the ways to pull together a service that can be used to control an IoT network. On top of this a kiosk style controller can be used to accept USB flash drive and configuration input.


A native digital with a wide range of experience. Academically comes from a natural language processing and text analytics background, but is interested in very large and very small scale things too. Current things include Spark, Mesos, Twisted, Python, Haskell, Arduino and many many more.

Always learning. Works almost exclusively with startups. is a nice guy :)

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