PHP 7, what's coming

  • 60 minute session

PHP 7 is on track. Release planing is being heavily discussed, dozen of patches have reached the branch, promising RFCs are being worked on.

This talk will introduce php 7, its performance, how does it compare to the various alternative, hhvm or other. New features and changes in the core will be covered.

30mins: short demo (1 or 2), critical points and features, internals changes
60mins: cover the 30mins topic, in depth tech details, features, internals, performance and features comparison with hhvm.


Pierre Joye is a PHP Core Developer and OSS contributor since more than a decade. He leads the PHP Windows support, main developer from LibGD and works on many OSS projects (from PHP, to curl via libgd or couchbase). After many years as Freelancer, Pierre works now with the Microsoft OpenSource technology Center in Redmond, Europe and APAC.

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