Embrace the impact: minimizing your (insecure) online footprint

  • 60 minute session

Thanks to the Snowden leaks a lot of people are now more familiar with things like ubiquitus surveillance, Five Eyes, the NSA and 1984. Regardless of what you think of what governments around the world are doing, use this knowledge to improve your privacy and encryption skills.
This practical session showcases several open source tools like OpenPGP, OpenSSL, Tor, Wireshark, and ZAP. How can you see, as user what kind of information you leak ? How do you know as developer that you're really talking with your friend and not your foe ? How to make sure that your website doesn't let users spill its secrets ? Work it like a real NSA agent and find out...


Peter Mosmans started out as developer working for various financial institutions as software engineer. Later on he began focusing on defending servers and web applications as a network and systems engineer. The last decade was spent trying to break the security of web apps of various companies around the world - of course when asked to do so. And he uses Emacs. A lot.

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