Open Source and Data Centres: The next Internet of Things Frontier

  • 30 minute talk

Data Centres are one of the last remaining holdouts of proprietary and vendor lock-in software.

oBIX (Open Building Information Xchange) is a focused effort by industry leaders and associations working toward creating a standard XML and Web Services guideline to facilitate the exchange of information between intelligent buildings, enable enterprise application integration and bring forth true systems integration.

By adopting this open standard and fostering an open-source community implementing this standard, NEXTDC is enabling customers and consumers to bridge the gap between proprietary Internet of Things devices and the owners and consumers of this thermal, power and environmental data.


Keith is the Head of Software Engineering at NEXTDC Limited, Australia's largest home grown Data Centre company with locations in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. This Brisbane based company developed the multi award winning ONEDC services platform and more recently is leading the development of the first Open Source OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) server. Prior to NEXTDC Keith led the development of a Linux based solar power monitoring system, and ran APAC Services for Red Hat.

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