Disentangle a new fangled image mangler

  • 30 minute talk

For developers who live outside a command line interface, desktop backgrounds are one way that they can make their workspace more homely. Akin to artwork on the wall, and less permanent than a tattoo, they are a way of bringing a bit of life into a development environment.

However, given the rise of dual screens, laptops with secondary monitors, and mobile devices, there's never been a way to have one nice contiguous workspace background across all devices. Until now.

Gyprock is a Wallpaper as a Service, originally created from a completely manual process one developer used to solve this exact problem. Since then, it has been automated using a variety of staple Linux programs, and a few newer tools that can be utilized to solve a whole lot of problems beyond the desktop.

This presentation will take the audience on a guided tour through an experience of gluing together various bits and pieces to create a Rube^Hy Goldberg image manipulation service, from inception to completion.

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/glasnt/disentangle-a-new-fangled-image-mangler
Live slides: http://glasnt.com/gyprock/pres
Github: https://github.com/glasnt/gyprock


Katie is a part of the Engineering team at Anchor Systems, working to improve *all* the things. She has a history of enterprise development and Windows system administration, but has been successfully converted to the ways of the penguin in recent years.

When she's not changing the world, she enjoys making tapestries, cooking, and yelling at JavaScript and it's attempts at global variables.

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