The State of Full Disk Encryption

  • 30 minute talk

Full Disk Encryption is a useful tool in many settings for those that wish to protect their privacy from the prying eyes that seek to go against their wishes. There are many benefits of Full Disk Encryption, but there are also many weaknesses. The software could become unsupported, see TrueCrypt, or could only work on some systems. Then comes the issue that the encryption key is stored in memory, so cold boot attacks come into effect. What about when you leave your device turned off, but sitting on your hotel room table? Evil Maid comes in to attack.

This talk outlines some of the issues with Full Disk Encryption, and how one can protect against them. Encrypt early, Encrypt often.


Hugh studied at Victoria University of Wellington and have graduated with a Masters
of Engineering in Software Engineering, as well as a Bachelor of Science with
Honours (2nd Class, 1st Division) in Computer Science.

He has worked as both a web developer and security tester.

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