Second keynote speaker: Jaap van Till

We're pretty proud to introduce Jaap van Till as our second keynote speaker.

Jaap has been Network Architect for government and corporate networks in Europe and for several stages of SURFnet (the Netherlands academic network),  and professor in Internet Infrastructures at TU Delft and HAN Polytechnic. He was also a member of the Scientific Council (WTR) of the SURF Foundation, NL. Jaap is non-exec. board member of NDIX, the Netherlands-Germany distributed Internet Exchange.

Now (mostly) retired, Jaap still gives visiting professor lectures and helps define Internet policy at boardroom/government level, where technical knowledge is very thin.

Ok that may sound a bit dry as it mainly describes where he's worked, not who he is. So you're just going to have trust us on this: Jaap is a very cool frood and awesome to chat with. He has a lot of interesting stuff to tell, help us understand and make new connections between ideas, and he will be around for the duration of the conference to learn more from all of you as well.

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