The OSDC 2014 team is dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming conference environment for everyone. We have a code of conduct to clearly outline our expectations. Our goal is to create a safe and harassment-free conference experience for all involved, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language or text editor.

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Open Source Developers' Conference 2014

The Open Source Developers' Conference is a not-for-profit conference covering all aspects of Open Source Technology, from software and systems to open data. While OSDC was born in Melbourne 10 years ago, it has become an open source product in its own right, seeing it forked in countries including Malaysia, France and Taiwan.


The Australian OSDC 2014 will be hosted at the Griffith University Gold Coast campus, with the support of Griffith's School of ICT.

Schedule & Networking

The conference will have three main days (Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th November 2014) followed by an open/tutorial/workshop day (Friday 7th November) which may also host miniconfs. We'll have a keynote or plenary session first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon, with up to 4 parallel tracks the rest of the time - we have both small and big rooms available. On Tuesday and Wednesday early evening we have slots for BoF sessions.

As is tradition with OSDC, morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch will be inclusive for all attendees, as well as the conference dinner on Thursday evening.

Seasoned delegates will tell you that who you meet at a conference is as important as what you learn, so don't forget the "hallway track"! OSDC provides you with an awesome opportunity to hang out with other bright and diverse minds!


Registrations are now open. Tickets are normally $320, but we have a limited number of discounted early bird tickets available - so book fast!  Lower priced tickets for students are available, with some free tickets for volunteers (see the Team page if you want to voltunteer!). Workshops may attract a (low) additional fee to cover costs.

Conference Focus

While OSDC will be host to a wide range of presentation topics, from running an open source business or community, to more technical presentations, the overall conference theme for 2014 is

  • Open - Open Source software, hardware, data and standards (protocols) enable higher quality, more secure products, and faster innovation.
  • Inclusive - Openness enables and encourages exploration, the foundation of education. Making products accessible to for instance vision impaired people becomes easier. Affordable products are available to those with less money. Women, kids, and many other groups can get involved more easily. These are all opportunities, we must still work to make them happen!
  • Connected - The last 18 months has seen a tremendous rise in the development of connected hardware, the connected home, wearables and sensor equipped devices. Devices such as the illusive connected Fridge and Washing Machine through to advanced medical applications and health services.